Interlaken Part II

The top of Männlichen was almost like a children's playground, except I only saw adults playing. Besides the open patio restaurant and bar, there was a bowling alley, slides, teeter-totters, swing-sets, and some other fun things that I don't know the names of. I spent about an hour at the top taking a much needed rest and eating a much needed pretzel while talking with my friends who had taken the cable car up. They were raring to go, I was exhausted. But after going up the mountain, down the mountain didn't seem so bad. 

Along the way down the mountain was a series of randomly fun things to do. The best had to be the Alphorns (had to look that up). I got lightheaded trying to get the right sound blowing into that thing, but it was so much fun. There were also bells to ring and a zip-line thing I don't know the name of. Also plenty of random fake cow statues to complement the very real goats.

The sun started to set as we got to the bottom and arrived at Grindelwald, making for some truly incredible pictures. I kept thinking how surreal this whole place was, like it was out of Lord of the Rings. I found out later that Tolkein actually hiked around this area and was inspired by this part of the alps to create Rivendell, land of the elves. Nerd alert. Best part at the bottom had to be the cat lounging in the dirt with the sunset behind her. What I wouldn't give to have that cat's life. Instead, I had to head back into town and take an 11pm train back to Geneva, getting home at 2:30 a.m. and pretty much sleeping the entire next day. Couldn't have been more worth it. 

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