NYC wrap up

For the summer of 2015 Matt got an incredible opportunity to intern in New York City and after tons and tons of thought (aka none) I decided to tag along for the summer.  The original plan was for me to get a summer job in the city to make a little extra money (thankfully he was getting paid even as an intern) but after we talked about it a bit we decided it would be best if I went back to focusing completely on dance instead of balancing that and a job like I have been doing for the last 3+ years.  Matt gave me an incredible opportunity to get back in the studio and completely focus on rehabbing my knee.  It is just one of the many reasons I love him so incredibly much.

Aside from dancing in Ney York every single day I got to do some cool things in the city.  I compiled this list as an easy way to look back at my amazing summer and also as inspiration for anyone who chooses to read here and may be planning a New York trip. NYC is an amazing city and even being there for almost 3 months I didn't even scratch the surface of places to go and things to see. Also in no way do I think I am a true "New Yorker" after being there for such a short time period these were just my experiences I had and my thoughts on what I got to do. 


Highline in Meatpacking
Sailing with NYC-Sails
Central Park Strolls
Central Park Conservatory Gardens
Statue of Liberty (for free!)
Bryant Park
Ballet at Lincoln Center
New York Public Library
Movies in Bryant Park
Musicals and Shows
Last Week Tonight
Comedy Shows
Blue Note
Bike rides and Lobster boats


The Met
Chelsea Galleries
Natural History Museum

Brooklyn & Beyond

Brooklyn Bridge Park
Walking the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Staten Island
Coney Island