ballet at lincoln center

During the summer Lincoln center hosts The American Ballet Theater for 5 weeks straight.  Out of the 5 performances I got to attend 3 of the magnificent ballets.  One was Misty Copelands premiere in Romeo and Juliet.  To see such an iconic ballerina of this generation dance a staring role for the first time...the emotion that was coming from the stage is just something you can't explain with pen and paper (or keyboard and computer).  If you aren't a dancer you can't really explain how appreciative you are of the art when you see it at the highest level.  Seeing these ballets helped me get up everyday and get myself in ballet class.  And not only that but work so incredibly hard during the class.  It helped me focus on the big picture which (for me) sometimes get lost quite easily.  It is something I will remember for a long long time. Thinking back on it there are still certain nuances of seeing ballets in the city that you can never recreate in another city.  After every performance when I would take the subway back home there was always street performers down on the platform playing the popular song from the night.  It's little things about the city that just make an event like the ballet so much more magical.

**Excuse my terrible writing.  When it comes to dance I can never put my thoughts and emotions into words.  I tried to capture the way I felt those nights in the best way possible.