giraffe manor

Today's #wanderlustwednesday post brings us to a very specific place in Nairobi, Kenya.  A place where you can feed Giraffes while sitting at breakfast.

I have seen the image above tons and tons of times and since it looks like an old picture, so I have always wondered if this was real or staged.  Well, it is real and it is a place called Giraffe Manor.  It's obviously on the expensive side but it seems like a beautiful location for a once in a life time experience.

The manor is located in the Karen Hardy suburb of Nairobi, in South Kenya.  To get there you would fly into Nairobi International Airport, with tickets costing about $600 each way from New York City and generally connecting through Amsterdam. Total flying time is about 16 hours from New York City.

Since the resort is all inclusive, there is pick up from and to the airport. 

When you arrive you are greeted with an incredible Colonial style Manor. Set on 13 acres of amazing lush land, it has gorgeous green moss crawling up the brick façade and (of course) giraffes wandering the property.  The house itself dates back to the 1930s when Europeans first came here to experience true African safaris.

The inside of the manor has 10 rooms and the whole house holds only 25 guests.  The rooms have been upgraded to modern day furnishings and there is WiFi throughout the Manor. 

All food and drinks are included in the room price, and as I'm sure you can guess, it's a pretty expensive vacation.  Standard and Superior rooms are $550-600 per night per person, while the room pictured above runs $2000 per night.  Also included is all transportation around the Karen and Langata region, laundry, beer, wine, house liquor, WiFi and VAT.

All meals are eaten family style around big tables with the other guests in the building.   Fruit and juices are typical fare for breakfast with steaks and hardy meals served at night.  There is also a cocktail hour on the terrace every night with one or two giraffes. 

After reading a lot of reviews I found that the "Jock" and "Betty" rooms are the Giraffes favorites and they tend to peak their heads into that room more often than others.

Kenya is located on the equator so it is always hot. That said, the best time to visit is mid-December through the end of February when Kenya is slightly milder, but more importantly, dry.  Avoid May and November since those are the rainy months.

If you are lucky enough to stay at the Manor for an extended period of time you can visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  This area is dedicated to the conservation of elephants, which are feeling the effects of being hunted by poachers for decades.

For me, if I ever get a chance to visit I will be staying on property and just watching these beautiful creatures all day long.

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Update 2/13/2015: I did post about this place on reddit and I got a ton of responses on ways to go to this area even if you aren't a millionaire.

  • Upper Hill Campsite was recommended.  I did look at some pictures online and it is definitely a budget campsite/hostel.  Tents start at $9 a night and private bungalows are $25 a night.
  • Rides in a Matatu are super cheap (like $1 per trip)
  • There is a Langata Giraffe Center in Nairobi that is cheap to enter and you can feed and pet them.  Round trip with taxi it is about $25
  • You can also go to the Giraffe Manor and feed the animals from a viewing platform, you cannot go in the house though. The platform is about 100 meters back and on the left side of the house.

**This post is apart of my #wanderlustwednesday series I do here on my blog.  I have not been to these beautiful locations but all information posted here is extensively researched.  If you have any questions on this place feel free to email me!