central park conservatory gardens

Living across the street from central park this summer meant we got to explore the huge iconic park over the span of almost 3 months with Zelda.  Everyone knows of the popular places in the lower part.  Those were definitely the first places we visited when we moved in for the summer.  Although I don't mind the tourists in the city (probably since I am still a tourist myself) sometimes I just want tons of space while I walk.  The square from 100th street to the top of the park is home to us and my absolute favorite. 

All the pictures from this post are taken in the conservatory gardens and the Harlem Meer right above it.  The gardens are one of the hidden gems (at least to me) in the park.  Every time I visited they seemed to be pretty empty and they are beautiful with 3 distinct sections.  The park originally opened in 1937 and after the second World War it was neglected emensly.  It was restored and replanted in 1987 and it was one of the first parks to bring high estate garden style to urban parks.