Valle Verzasca

As our time is winding down in NYC I have been spending my days planning our upcoming trip to Europe.  My wanderlust is basically on over drive since I have 4 months of wandering around Europe to plan.  

Since Matt and I will be based out of Geneva, I have been researching Switzerland endlessly to find as many hidden treasures. as I can  There are of course the no brainers like Zermatt, the Matterhorn, and Interlaken – and I have plans to visit every one – but true to form I am trying to discover something off the beaten path.  There are so many options to choose from in Switzerland, but yesterday I found Valle Verzasca and particularly the town of Lavertezzo. 

Lavertezzo is located in the South of Switzerland (it is the red pin).  It is about a 45 minute drive from Lugano. 

From what I have found it seems that the Valle is a very rural and a largely untouched valley that has many waterfalls.  The river that flows through the city is called the Verzasca river, and it constantly flows over smoothly polished rock with a crystal blue color. I have heard that some people jump off the picturesque stoned bridge in the center of the small city called the Ponte dei Salti into the river below. 

There is also a variety of hiking you can do around the Valle.  The valle have hikes as long as 8 hours or a short as an hour. 

Also to do in Valle Verzasca is one of the most famous bungee jumping spots in the world. Does anyone remember the beginning of Golden Eye back in 1995?  

In the movie it was a weapon distillery but in real life it is known as the Contra Dam and the jump is 220m for around $230.  Incredibly expensive, but what's a steep price tag when you can feel like James Bond?

This place is a bit further from Geneva than I would like but its definitely high up on my list to visit.  I can just imagine a quiet weekend with Matt spent sunbathing and hiking.  Hope I can fit it into our plans!

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