the met

The Met is another one of those "pay what you wish" museums.  I love that they are welcoming to people of all pay grades and only have a recommended donation.  It makes for a great museum if you want to take a quick look or spend the whole day wandering the enormous building.

Matt and I had no plan when we went inside (surprise surprise).  The only thing I really wanted to see was their temporary exhibition China through the looking glass. It definitely exceeded my expectations.  Over 3 different floors they show the influence of Chinese culture on Western fashion. My particular favorite was the blue and white porcelain room.  I lusted over many of those dresses wishing they were mine.

After we spent almost 3 hours in that one exhibit Matt and I just wandered not really having a plan.  We somehow came across the american wing and got to see in person the famous Washington Crossing the Delaware oil painting.  I knew it was big...but in person it was HUGE.  We spent probably a good 45 minutes in this room alone just admiring the work of art.  

All in all we had a great day at the MET.