san fran

While we were in Tahoe I unfortunately tore my MCL.  So naturally, the next stop on our road trip was about the least knee injury friendly place as possible...San Fransisco.  The hills were a bit tricky and we had to walk a little bit slower from place to place but it really just meant more stops to enjoy the beautifulness that is San Fran.

Just a small aside - I want this account of my trip to be as real as possible.  Of course now looking back on my MCL tear, a good 6 months later, I am super positive about it. But at that time, I was thinking that I had ruined the remainder of the trip – not just for me – but for Matt. In spite of all this, San Fran miraculously became a highlight of the trip.  I have trouble admitting it when I am in pain, but Matt did an amazing job of being mindful about my knee and not pushing me to do more, while actually not babying me (anyone who knows me can attest that babying me will anger me more than anything).  I seriously have no idea what I would have done without Matt being the person he is. 

Ok back to San Fran.  So although this is definitely a walking city, we had a ton of fun despite my knee injury.  Along with a few iconic sites, we also got to go see the San Fransisco Ballet perform The Nutcracker – which for a dance nerd like me was AMAZING.  For those that don't know, the first staging of the Nutcracker in the United States was with the San Francisco Ballet back on Christmas Eve in 1944, so it has long been on my bucket list of things to do.  (You can see my complete Bucket List here – warning: its a long one).  We also got to take Zelda to the beach and she actually saw the ocean for the first time.  I think it's hilarious that you can see her smile in the picture where she was looking at the camera.  She wasn't the biggest fan of the water but she loves new adventures and anywhere she gets to be off leash.

Where we stayed: Matt's parents were very generous and got us a room as a christmas present at a very nice hotel.  It was called Hotel Adagio and we loved it.  It was pet friendly and we got breakfast every morning for free with the room. 

What we did: There are tons of amazing things to do in San Fran.  We only scratched the surface but we did get to see a ton of the iconic sights of the city including Painted Ladies, Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, and Lombad Street.  We also went to the Exploratorium over on Pier 15 and, even though it is technically a kid museum, it was SO MUCH FUN.  We got to learn about random science stuff that you probably haven't thought about since you were a kid and most of it is interactive even for those of us who are technically adults.  We both always enjoy stuff that makes us feel like we are 8 years old again and this was no exception.  We then took an old school trolly from the piers all the way up to the Castro District and bar/restaurant/shop hopped in one of the coolest neighborhoods I've visited to date. 

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