After spending the first couple of stops on our trip being in the natural beauty that was the Grand Canyon and the Turquoise Trail before that, Las Vegas was the complete opposite side of the spectrum in such a fun way.  Although Matt and I are not the biggest partiers anymore, Vegas was still a ridiculously fun time.

If you are on a budget like we were, you can definitely do Vegas – just don't let the city intimidate you! We splurged on tickets to the see O one night so to offset that we spent the day walking around to all the hotels (caution - it's a lot of walking). The fountains at the Bellagio are free as well and I could have watched them over and over again.  We also took advantage of buffets, treating them as kind of an experience serving as more or less the sole meal of the day.  I've been to Vegas before, but Matt had no idea that Vegas buffets were a different kind of buffet. On the way there, when I kept talking about wanting to go to the Buffet at the Wynn, he didn't understand what was so special about a buffet but said we would go since I wanted to so badly.  When he got there his mind was blown (hence the picture with three plates in front of him). 

Over the whole time, we only gambled once: losing a grand total of 20 dollars at the roulette table in a matter of 10 minutes. I'd always rather spend my money instead of lose my money, so we proceeded to ride roller coasters and play games in the arcade...I swear we are over 21!

How we got there: Leaving the grand canyon its about a 4 hour trip to Vegas.  We stopped at the Hoover Dam along the way.  Not only is it a nice way to break up the trip, but it is breathtaking in person.

Where we stayed: Harrahs was a great choice for us while we were in Vegas since it was right in the middle of the strip and it is dog friendly for a reasonable price (for the Vegas strip). If you stay at a Vegas strip hotel, always make sure you read the fine print!!! All Vegas hotels love to advertise a really low price online to draw you in, but almost every hotel on the strip has a resort fee ranging from $20-$60. There are cheaper motels around Vegas but ultimately we didn't want to deal with cabs and opted for the Vegas experience.

Things we did

  • Walk around and see all the hotels - Vegas is known for being a city of immense decadence and that is vividly apparent when visiting the Venetian, the Wynn, Caesars Palace, the Bellagio and all the rest.  Plus walking around and gawking at the details in all the amazing hotels is my favorite price - Free.
  • See a show - There are tons of wonderful shows to see in Vegas, all the major hotels have one.  I am partial to the Cirque du Soleil shows. We saw O at the Bellagio while we were in town. 
  • Do a buffet - these aren't your normal golden corral buffets, they are a way of life in Vegas.  We went to the Wynn's breakfast buffet and added on the all you can drink option... and got our money's worth.  We ended up staying so long that they switched out breakfast for lunch!
  • Ride some roller coasters - Vegas is a giant playground for adults, and that includes the rides!  We went on the one in New York, New York since that was my favorite coaster I went on as a kid and it brings back a nostalgia factor for me – but if you have the guts to try out the rides on top of the Stratosphere, the view of the strip is worth it alone.

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