Dallas - lower greenville

I definitely wish we had spent more time in Dallas. But to be honest we could have probably spent most, if not the whole month in Texas driving around to awesome different cities. It really is true...Texas is HUGE.

The same day we were in Hot Springs we left around mid day and headed into Dallas for just the night. We hung out in lower Greenville, which is their "hipster/artsy" neighborhood, and went to three awesome bars all within one block of each other.  So saying we only saw a small part of Dallas is still a ginormous understatement. The area was so cool and unique it left me wanting to stay in Texas and explore for a couple of days. But I managed to restrain myself, as most of our adventure was going to take place along the west coast and I knew from the beginning we would only get one precious night to experience a small portion of Dallas. 

Where we ate/drank:
Hg Sply Co - Their rooftop was spectacular. I had read ahead of time that it can usually be pretty crowded but we managed to find a seat near one of their many outdoor fireplaces pretty easily. We shared one of their specialty hot dogs and drank a couple of beers. They also they have complimentary valet parking and I highly suggest parking their while spending the night hopping around the cool lower Greenville neighborhood since street parking is scarce. 
The Blind Butcher - Small narrow bar that opens up to an awesome patio in the back.  We shared a sausage plate that had all locally sourced meat. It was amazing but pricey.
The Truck Yard - One of the coolest bars I have EVER been to. It is all outside and there are old lawn chairs, tires to sit on, and mismatched benches everywhere. While we were there, the bar had a little person playing a little santa on stage.  They also have a tree house with a bar on top of it and string lights everywhere. I wish I wasn't still feeling sick or I would have loved to have spent the whole night here. 

What to see and do:
Like I said, we barely had any time in Dallas and I definitely regret it. I had also planned to go to this awesome dog park called Mutts. You can sit outside with your dog off-leash and enjoy food and drinks while they run and play. The weather did not cooperate with my plan, however, so we ended up leaving at 6am the next day to beat an oncoming storm. Lower Greenville also had some awesome art shops we could see from the balcony of Hg that I totally wish we had explored. Next time I guess!

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