My middle name, not my last name like some people suspect, is Juliette. In grade school I used to whine and complain that I didn't have a normal middle name like the rest of the kids in school but I have grown to love my middle name so much that it is what I go by in the social media world. I decided to visit Verona mainly because it is the setting of the play Romeo and Juliet and it has what is said to be the inspiration for Juliet's balcony is in the city.

Unfortunately although the house is quite old the balcony was added in 1936 to attract tourists.  I came to see the balcony but ended up falling in love with the city. 

Everywhere you turn Verona has that quaint Italian vibe, bright houses, flowers and vines on every balcony and a gorgeous river running around it with amazing views. 

I only had one day in the city and spent my time wandering the streets and visiting as many places as I could, but with Verona being a relatively small town I didn't feel like I missed too much making it a great location for a quick stop. 

In almost every city I visit the castle seems to be my favorite spot, I blame disney for making me believe that castles and fairytales are everywhere. Castelvecchio in Verona became one of my favorite spots in the city. The castle is from the 14th century and the inside houses a wonderful museum and some original frescos, I was lucky to stumble in on the first of the month which offers 1€ admission. 

The castle and the adjoining bridge (which is free and always open) offer some of the best views of the city and the sunset. I spent both days watching the sunset from here and it was so calm and relaxing. 

When I was finally ready to tear myself away from the castle I ended up wandering the city streets and stumbled upon Basilica of St Zeno.

The courtyard inside was quiet and peaceful while the inside houses art dating back from the 1300s. In its crypt they also had the body of the actual St Zeno dating back to the 4th century. 

I have heard that Verona in the summer is quite hot and with its small streets and massive tourist crowds is not as pleasant to visit.  I think perhaps I may have fallen in love with the city due to me arriving in October when the air was nice and crisp and the crowds are virtually gone. 

The only think I was really sad I missed out on was Lamberti's Tower, it was closed by the time I made my way to it but you can climb the 234 steps to the top (or take a lift) for amazing views of the city. 


Quick look at Verona

Castelveccio - 6€
Arena - 10€
Juliet's house - 4€
Lamberti's Tower - 6€
Basilica of St Zeno - 2.50€

Hostels starting at $19 for a shared room
Hotels starting at $50-$60

For food and drink stay off the main roads, this is true in most cities but especially true in Verona. The food looked to be ungodly expensive but literally one road over their were places with coffee for 1€ small plates starting at 3€ and entrees starting at 8€.

Verona has some of the best shopping called Verona's Golden Mile which starts at the Arena.