blue lagoon malta

Bucket List Review

So we all know about that Blue Lagoon in Iceland.  That is on my bucket list as well, but today I want to talk about a different blue lagoon.  The blue lagoon in Malta. 

I found this place while scrolling through Instagram about 6 months ago.  I follow about a million different travel bloggers and wanderlust accounts and even though right now it's popular to hate Instagram and how curated it all is – only portraying a perfect life, always happy, ect ect – I absolutely love it because it helps me discover places I don't know about or places I never expected to see in my lifetime.  (a more in depth rant on this subject later)

So anyway I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a gorgeous picture on my favorite Instagram account (@dametraveler) with a girl standing in the blue lagoon in Malta.  I was in the beginning process of figuring out the start of my huge solo trip and after a bit of research (did you know Malta is one of the safest islands in Europe, and basically everyone there speaks english?) and a quick google flights search (flying from Spain to Malta is really cheap), I booked my flight to Malta. 

My first full day there I booked a tour through Malta Sightseeing to explore Gozo and Comino, the other small islands that make up Malta archipelago south of Siciliy. It cost 30€ and included a 90 minute boat ride around Malta and travel to the islands of Gozo & Comino, a 3 hour guided bus tour in Gozo with a stop at the Azure window, and a 2 hour stop at the Blue Lagoon in Comino. The tours are easily booked on the boardwalk of Slimea which has all the dockings for the tourist boats and a ferry to take you to Malta's capital, Valetta, and back. Not to mention some spectacular views. 

The boat ride itself was a great deal of fun.  I met 3 Newfies at my hostel and we decided to take the tour together. We got amazing seats on the boat at the front.  The boat moved relatively slow so we had the chance to let our feet dangle while taking in the sights.  Every so often the captain would come over the speaker and tell us history about the island as we were passing it.

The 3 hour bus tour of Gozo was nice – we got the chance to see the Azure window, which doesn't feel real as you look at it.  It was made when 2 limestone caves collapsed to leave a beautiful arch.  If I had more time and better weather I would have definitely come back and taken advantage of the amazing scuba diving that takes place under the arch.

But the main attraction was most certainly the Blue Lagoon and it didn't disappoint. It has the most gorgeous transparent blue-green water with white sand and a ton of marine life. 

We spent the majority of the two hours swimming around the bay and playing with my go pro. 

I feel so lucky to have visited this hidden gem as it is starting to get a lot of attention: recent articles on Huffington Post and Fox News; Game of Thrones using it as a filming location;  Cruises scheduled to start making stops there in 2016. It has been called the ultimate paradise.  Not to mention that literally yesterday the biggest travel instagram, @BeautifulDestinations, just called it 'most underrated destination in the world'.  I suggest booking your flight there as soon as you can.