hot air ballon ride over Sevilla

So first some explaining...Matt and I enjoy planning extravagant birthdays for one another.  I (like any girl my age) love making a week out of my birthday and celebrating it for as long as I can get away with it. For my 25th birthday Matt outdid himself and planned "Tessmas".  It was basically 12 days of surprises and gifts with a homemade advent calendar, clues, and an apartment decorated with christmas gear in April. It was freaking fantastic.  

This year, Matt is turning 25 at the end of October, so I wanted to plan a series of surprises while in Europe to celebrate turning a quarter of a century old. Hence #monthofmatt was born.  Over the course of the month of October Matt had secret videos from friends and family, clues and a ton of surprises.  His first surprise, to kick off the month was a hot air ballon ride over the Spanish country side.

We woke up around 5am and got picked up from our hostel and driven about an hour outside of the city. On the outskirts of Sevilla we were apart of the action, helping pull apart the ballon...

...and watching it get blown up

once it was finally up and standing they told us to climb in.

I thought I would be scared, it's just a small basket and hot air holding you up and floating above the ground.  But I wasn't, it was so incredibly peaceful. 

We floated above the country side and took in some incredible views of Spain. We both are officially obsessed with hot air ballons. 

After the ride we went to a hotel closer to town and there was a buffet set up for us.  They then took us through the history of hot air ballons and explained how back in the day they would christen its first ride with a bit of champagne.  They then christened us by pouring a bit of champagne over our head.

Although it was a pretty pricey tour it was worth every cent.  

Thank you to Gloobo tours for an amazing flight - if you are ever in the Sevilla region we highly recommend this experience and especially this company!!