As much as I have been loving solo travel I was very excited for my trip to Madrid.  This would be the first time I would be seeing Matt since the end of July and, although 8 weeks can go by in a flash while traveling, they seemed to crawl by so slowly whenever I thought about him (which is often). There are so many moments while I was in Tenerife that I would be enjoying a beautiful moment and then be crushed with a pang of guilt that Matt wasn't there with me.  When we reunited in Madrid the whole city felt like it had turned on its magic just for us. 

We spent most of our two days wandering around the huge city. We visited as many of the huge landmarks that we could fit in during our short trip but I have a feeling I will be back to Madrid soon enough. The city has an amazing vibe that Matt and I seemed to feed off of. We spent one of the nights having dinner and drinks at La Sureña and, while walking though the city center Sol on the way back to our hotel, we saw some rollerblading street performers called "The Sliders".  Since that is Matt's last name, we decided to stop and watch... and when they asked for volunteers I immediately raised my hand.  They told me to come out and when Matt got excited for me they grabbed him also! We ended up being human props that they jumped over and although we have seen this sort of show in NYC and other big cities in America a ton of times it was so much fun to be apart of it in Madrid.  They jumped over us multiple times and I couldn't stop laughing at how ridiculous and fun all of this was. 

Our favorite spot on the trip though was probably taking a boat ride on the river in El Retiro.  The boat hires are only 5 euro for a half hour and in the beautiful sun with the huge Monument to Alfonso XII to gaze upon we had an amazing time. I learned I am not very good at rowing boats so I guess taking up crew is not happening in the near future. 

After two wonderful days in Madrid we made our way to Sevilla...