7 Reasons to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a lesser known travel destination but let me tell you, it is beautiful!!!

The Old Bridge in Mostar

This is the main reason most come to Bosnia and for good reason. The bridge and the town that surrounds it are beautiful

Kravica Waterfall

Stunning blues great you at this huge waterfall located just outside Mostar.

The ruined castle of Pochetelj

The old medieval town was completely reconstructed after it was torn down during the wars in the 1990s. 

The Bunker in Konjic

I didn’t get to do this tour (so here is a picture of the famous bridge in Konjic) but have heard the tour is AMAZING and a time capsul into the 1950's.

The beautiful city of Sarajevo

Source - check out her blog for great articles on Sarajevo

Source - check out her blog for great articles on Sarajevo

I am so mad that I didn’t have time to see Sarajevo but many articles have listed Sarajevo as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. 

Tekija Blagaj

A gorgeous old Muslim worship house built on a river. 

Muslibegovic Museum

Not only is the old house turned museum a great side activity while visiting the Old Bridge in Mostar but it is also a hotel and you can stay in one of the renovated rooms!!
My full review on Musbelgovic Hotel here. 

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