The Best Travel Gear

The Best DSLR Camera Gear

My camera is one of the heftier investments I have made and I really think it was worth every penny. That being said if you don't take the time to learn how to use it there is no point in buying a DSLR. 


This little attachment plugs into the side of your camera so you can transfer photos over wifi straight to your phone. The first thing you should buy (if you don't buy a camera with wifi on it). If you don't you will most likely leave your pics on your camera way too long and forget to Instagram them.


If you are looking for a tripod that can stand almost eye height, be completely sturdy, AND under $20 this one is for you. Amazon basics are simply amazing. 


I am a big fan of all Joby products but this one is my favorite for tripods. They are really well made and great to take on the road. Also this is how I get all of those shots when I travel alone.


Another one of the first things you should buy when you get a nice camera. A remote clicker for your DSLR is the best accessory. I set up my tripod and then use the clicker to take a ton of "candid" shots. 


This now gets into the more advanced camera products. Once you learn how to use your camera I highly recommend filters. Not only do they protect your lens but they also help your pictures come out better. This is the set that I bought and I use literally everything in the set.


The best Iphone Accessories for travel photography

If you are just starting out and don't want to sink $500+ on a nice DSLR an iPhone (or Android) camera is all you need. There are some accessories that will help up your camera phone game....

Obviously a selfie stick is at the top of my list. Look for one that is connected via bluetooth.


A macro lens will add interesting perspective to travel destinations. Also you can use it to get cool shots of food!


Again I am loyal to the Joby brand. Using a tripod will help you get some nice shots that aren't typical selfies.


Just like a DSLR a phone bluetooth remote is the best accessory for travel photography.


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