Best Holiday Destinations to Travel to in 2017

Trying to decide where to go for the holidays? Want a destination that isn't too hard on the budget? Below are 20 travel destinations that are perfect for winter travel!


One of the best destinations for cheap travel is Thailand.

Thailand is perfect in the winter because of its mild temperature. There is also a reason why everyone you know is going there - it is downright beautiful. 
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Heading to Cuba during the holidays is a perfect vacation. The weather is amazing in cuba in december making it one of the best places to travel during the holidays.


Go now while relations are still on the lukewarm side between the US and Cuba. Cuba is incredible, I went in January of last year and found getting a visa very easy (read all about it here). Their beaches are the most incredible blue and the nightlife in Havana is spectacular.
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While this is a great budget destination, it is also a popular one. Be sure to book early to score a cheap hotel. Also consider a side trip to the Mendoza wine region, Patagonia, or the amazing waterfalls of Iguazu.

South Africa

South Africa has opposite seasons to us, so a holiday trip there is perfect! Experience the big five on safari without breaking your budget. I'm heading here at the end of September and couldn't be more excited.

A great location for holiday travel is Costa Rica. The weather is wonderful and people are friendly! This makes Costa Rica one of the top places to travel during the holidays. 

Costa Rica

One of my favorite destinations in the world, Costa Rica has it all. If you like the outdoors enjoy hiking, animal watching, or a plethora of adventure tours. If you want to simply relax near a beachhigh-energythere are way too many to choose from. 
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Why pick one island when you can go to a couple. Cruises are a great way to see a bunch of places in a short amount of time. Plus, they are great for budget travelers! A 7-day cruise can start at only $449!!

Lima, Peru

A crowded and popular destination to be sure, but for good reason. There is so much to do in Lima! The food, particularly its famous ceviche dishes, is a highlight here. The rainy season does start in December so trails (like to Machu Picchu) may be cut off. 


With its gorgeous paddy fields and stunning countryside, it is easy to love Vietnam. Add in extremely budget-friendly prices and you have a perfect vacation.


Temperatures in Mexico are perfect in December. Cancun is the king of Mexican beach towns. Playa del Carman and Tulum are smaller and less touristy (but still pretty touristy). Either way, you won't care too much as you're sipping a pina colada poolside. 

Best Holiday Destinations in Europe



Often overlooked, Portugal is one of the best cities to travel to on a budget during the holidays! The temperatures are great, the beaches are beautiful, and the accommodations are dirt cheap.
Start planning your trip to Portugal using these guides!

Canary Islands, Spain

Off the coast of Spain are beautiful islands that have the perfect weather in December. I wish I had more articles on them because my trip there in 2015 was a good one. You can chase waterfalls, hike through desert terrain, or simply relax on a beach.


Of course, one of the best countries for a warm Christmas is on the list. Barcelona is a high energy city perfect for a whirlwind getaway. Madrid has a more modern feel. And head to Sevilla for warm weather, beaches, and Game of Thrones tours. 
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Best US Destinations for the holidays

Don't think you have to fly around the world to have an amazing holiday getaway. If you want to stay domestic consider these options:

A great place to head for the holidays is San Francisco!

Miami: Relax in the sun and party all night.

Vegas: Similar to Miami but a dry heat instead. Head here for pool parties, extravagant dinners, all you can eat buffets and, of course, gambling.

NYC: Everyone needs to see the tree in Rockefeller center once in their lifetime. The streets may be crowded but December is a special time in the city. Start planning a trip to NYC here.

San Francisco: It doesn't get too cold in this gorgeous city. Brave the hills and explore it all. If you go to San Francisco don't miss this hike.


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Not sure where to go this holiday season? Here are the best destinations that are fun and affordable. If a cheap holiday is on your wishlist you have to read this!

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