Asunción Paraguay Quick Overview

Location of Asuncion

Location of Asuncion

  • Founded in 1527 - capital city full of history

  • Locals speak a mixture of Spanish and the indigenous Guaraní

  • The average annual temperature is 23°C (73°F) with hot, humid summers and warm winters

    • Short dry season from June to September

    • Coldest months are June & July - frost only occurs about one day a year

    • Hottest months are December through Febrary with temperates averaging around 90°F


Things to do in Asuncion

Palacio de los López

Asunción’s most iconic building, a presidential palace that now serves as the seat of the government. Most beautiful at night.

Botanical Garden Zoo and Natural History Museum

Big semi natural park, with lots of paths for walking. Inside the Botanic Garden is a Zoo.

Museo Del Barro

Packed with historic art – including wood carvings, ceramics, masks and religious sculptures – the exhibitions trace more than 400 years of indigenous culture and colonial invasion.

La Costanera

Recently renovated, in 2013, this boardwalk is perfect for catching sunsets. You can also rent rollerblades or bikes from one of the many riverside vendors.

Loma San Jeronimo

An upbeat, colorful neighborhood that will give you a glimpse of authentic Paraguay.

Mercado Cuatro

A bustling market in the capital where you can find street food, crafts, electronics, scarfs, and tons of other goodies.

Casa De La Independencia

The location where Paraguay’s independence from Spanish rule was declared in 1811.

Catedral de Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion

Built in 1845, this towering church is a gorgeous building. The pope even visited in November 2015.

Estadio Defensores del Chaco

Soccer is a huge pastime in Paraguay. In the 2010 World Cup, the national team even reached the finals! The best game to see would be between Olimpia and Cerro Porteño – the city’s greatest rivals.

El Cabildo

A cultural centre and exhibition space dedicated to Paraguay’s indigenous heritage.

Panteon Nacional de los Heroes

A shrine paying homage to Paraguay’s fallen and a restful place for quiet reflection. A changing of the guard takes place throughout the day and is a beautiful sight to see.